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cal Upcoming Events
 5th grade is being invited to be service members for Stations of the Cross and a Lenten supper on March 31st at 6pm.  We are hoping to get 100% participation for this service work.  For more details please click here.  Responses are due by Wednesday, March 12. 
  • Wednesday, March 1: Ash Wednesday Mass at 9:15 AM (All are welcome!)
  • Friday, March 3: Stations of the Cross - 9th Period 
  • Tuesday, March 7: In School Reading Olympics Competition & ASPIRE testing
  • Thursday, March 9: Parent Teacher Conferences 3:30-7:30
  • Friday, March 10: Early Dismissal 11:30 - Parent Teacher Conferences 12-3 
  • Tuesday, March 14: Official Spring Reading Olympics Competition  & ASPIRE testing 
  • Monday, March 13: Field Trip to Robert Crown   
  • Friday, March 17: St. Patrick's Day - St. Joseph's Celebration (morning) & St. Baldrick's Celebration (afternoon)
cross Religion

This week students will be

  • drafting, editing and revising letters to the anonymous donor of the $50 donation they each received
  • learning about the Anointing of the Sick
  • Discussing what their conscience is and how they can best use all the tools God has given them to make informed, moral decisions
scince Science
We have started our last Life Science unit for the year.
In this unit students will:
  • define an ecosystem
  • identify the essential parts of an ecosystem
  • describe how all living and nonliving things depend on each other to survive
  • define and differentiate between food chains and food webs
  • create a food web from a certain ecosystem
  • identify how producers and consumers depend on each other, and what happens as one starts to die off 
books Language Arts
Trimester 2 Writer's Workshop:
   In Trimester 2, we will focus on opinion/argumentative writing!
   Students will
  • discover topics they are passionate about
  • choose 1 topic to ultimately write about
  • create a memorable introduction and closing 
  • identify reasons that support their opinion or argument
  • learn how to research to defend an argument
  •  revise and edit 
Hound Dog True Novel Study 
Students have finished reading Hound Dog True and are now in the process of completing 3 projects
The three projects are:
  • creating a comic strip that identifies and portrays the 12-15 main events in the novel
  • making scrapbook pages (2 minimum) 
  • creating a game board (students need a poster board by Thursday)
For further information please check you child's Language Arts Google Classroom page where you can find both rubrics and further instructions. 
 Students will complete most of the work for the projects in the classroom.  However, at times, some work may come home with them.  
Each year in 5th grade, the class participates in a class novel study.
Students will be working in their small groups to read and discuss the book.  They will also be working either independently or in groups to complete projects that will further engage them in the novel.
Here is a list of just a few of the skills and standards we cover during our novel study: 
  • identifying narrator of story
  • explaining how narrator effects understanding of story and other characters
  • listing and finding textual evidence for character traits
  • outlining the plot of the story
  • identifying causes and effects
  •  explaining how figurative language is used in the story and the deeper meaning it creates
  • symbolism
  • sequencing important events in the story
  • using and creating images to illustrate poignant parts of the book
  • relating to characters
 All documents will be in each student's Google classroom.  You can see the requirements of our novel study below. 
For student responsibilities please click here
For group responsibilities please click here
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